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A group for everyone to share their own Keroro inspired characters, which are often called Orikero. Human/Pekoponian, Keronian, or any other race or form from the anime.
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Feb 4, 2010


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Before joining or submitting to our gallery, please take a scroll through our rules and become familiar with them. These rules don't bite... much. :nod:

:bulletred: No art of just canons! I.E. Keroro, Giroro, Dororo, etc. It must contain at least one Orikero otherwise.

:bulletred: No base edits, tracing, recolours. These will be purged immediately. It's preferred that you draw your own art entirely and put effort into it. If it's a sketch, submit to the "Miscellaneous" folder within the gallery!

:bulletred: No porn. Couple pictures are fine as long as it stays within the PG-16 rating and follows DeviantART's rules.

:bulletred: All excessively bloody/gorey images must have an appropriate warning label.

:bulletred: No copying already mass copied images. This means copying the exact pose from official works made by Keroro staff or Mine Yoshizaki himself.

:bulletred: No manga pages, screenshots, official work. This includes ads, DVD box art, posters, merchandise and Keroro Land artwork.

:bulletred: No traced bases. We prefer you to make bases without tracing or heavily referencing the anime, manga, official art, etc.

:bulletred: No copying or stealing fanart of any sort. Including here on DeviantART. I've seen practically all there is to see of Japanese fanart (including more fanart throughout the internet from various places) and I will notice if nobody else does.

:bulletred: No journal entries, please! Regardless how much it relates to Orikero, I cannot stress enough that journals are not a form of art.

:bulletred: No official designs made Keronian/Maronian/Axolotian! This goes for Pokemon, Digimon, Sonic, Mario, My Little Pony, Invader Zim, etc. As Orikero stands for "original Keronian", therefor you must be original as you possibly can. This does not include small details (hat, bracelet, backpack, etc) referring to a specific character or item owned by a franchise, those are perfectly ok.

:bulletred: Please do not submit parental depictions of canons to our gallery. As they usually are made so close to the canon designs as to appear related, I'm afraid we cannot accept them because they aren't terribly original and you're adding to characters that aren't even yours. This also goes for grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles. No blood relations, please. This also goes for step-parents, step-siblings, cousins removed however many times.

NOTE: We will try our best to sort your art into correct categories, no questions asked. We also strive to remain unbiased, but we also wish to follow copyright laws, which is why we will not accept the last two rules currently. Thank you for your understanding.


If you are unhappy with or want to express ideas or opinions on these rules, do not hesitate to contact me or the other admins working here. We also are available around the clock (typically me) to answer any questions or to give advice.

Thank you for your continued contribution and support! It is much appreciated and we seek to improve best as we can to make this group a great one with our member's help. :salute:
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How do I join?
There's a button at the top of the page, it's located next to the statistics of how many pageviews, members and watchers there are.
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No need to be rude about it. Keep your hate to yourself.
xXImSoCuteCX Nov 16, 2013
its a rip off of invader zim-,-
Keroro Gunsou began as a manga, Japanese comic, in 1999, where it later became a cartoon, or rather Japanese anime, in 2004. The idea of Keroro Gunsou was generated in 1998, and thus is 15 years old to this day whereas Invader Zim began in 2001 and is only 12 years old.
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Yumimicute Sep 14, 2013  Student Artist
May I join the group?
Yes, you may. It's free for anyone to join with or without approval. :)
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